One of the biggest highlights of the day, the Football tournament, features a 4-a side match between teams that sign up during the day.  It costs $50, which is $10/person.  Bring ya bredrins and get ready to play!  You can pay in advance and come have a kick!  There’s a cash prize at the end, so bring ya A-game. Check in is at 12 PM, games start at 2 PM! Be ready!

General Rules & Regulations

  • Sports are open to anyone over the age of 16.
  • Teams must comprise 5 players (4 on the field at a time).
  • Teams must be able to provide 1 player as a referee should they be needed.
  • Teams must be checked in by 2pm to ensure entry into tournament.
  • This is a fun tournament and no rough housing/inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.
  • All necessary fees must be paid before tournament start.