Beachfest is an event for the whole family, and we encourage everyone to bring their kids for the daytime fun.  When we are more sure of the daytime lineup, we will post to list some of the fun activities in store for the younger crowd.

Tips for bringing kids

  • Bring plenty of sunblock and be sure to reapply after they are finished swimming.
  • If the child is not used to being in the sun for long periods of time, be sure to keep them in the shade, wearing a hat.
  • While the day is very hot, it can get cool in the evenings and a dry set of clothes may be useful if you plan to stay later in the day.
  • Stay hydrated.  We will have a well-stocked bar that you can get a range of water, juice or soft drinks for your kids.
  • Keep an eye on them in the water.  Even if they are good swimmers, remember that it is a very busy day and we don’t want anything to happen.
  • If you are camping, a first aid kit is essential.

Lost Children

Large crowds are daunting.  Remember to talk to your children before you arrive at Beachfest about what to do if  you get separated: find a police officer, a lifeguard, security guard or go to the tickets/stage area.  We will have the DJ make an announcement and hope to reunite you swiftly.  Please note, that we do not have childcare or babysitting facilities at Beachfest and as such, you should keep a close eye on your children.